Figuring out who to trust

I’m Right and You’re An Idiot: The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean It Up by James Hoggan is not at the top of my reading list but touches on an important subject. In this interview he mentions the challenge of figuring out who to trust and how, when that is taken away, our democractic process is hampered.

This relates to how the idea of representation emerged in my mind. When I exrapolated the idea of direct democracy into the scales of societies we have today I realized that there are way too many issues for us as individuals to handle on our own. The general solution that came to mind was based on “figuring out who to trust” – being able to give my voting power on a particular subject to a particular individual with whom I feel an alignment of values around that subject. I can imagine diverse dynamics unfolding in discovering who to trust that are culturally and contextually sensitized.

How do transparency, authenticity, accountability come into service of generating and identifying trust and authority?


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